Seaweed High Power Chocolate.

Kan du äta något nyttigare?

Reglerar blodsockernivån.

Sänker kolesterolhalten i blodet.

Motverkar blodtryckshöjning.

Är fiberrikt och förbättrat tarmfunktionen.

Innehåller de essentiella EPA och DHA.

Har naturlig skyddsfaktor med antibakteriell verkan.

Choklad innehåller antioxidanter som skyddar hjärnan från åldrande och sjukdom. Choklad skyddar mot oxidation i cellerna som förstör fett-membran och gör blodfetterna giftiga. Test visar att fenoler från choklad minskade skadorna från fria radikaler på celler i blodprover från människor.

Nu har vi fyllt denna njutbarhet med alger som reglerar blodsockernivån och sänker kolesterolhalten i blodet. Algerna motverkar blodtryckshöjning och binder tungmetaller. Dessutom är de fiberrika och förbättrar tarmfunktionen och de innehåller de nödvändiga fleromättade fettsyrorna EPA och DHA eller omega-3 som de också kallas, samt inte minst, de har naturlig skyddsfaktor med en antibakteriell verkan. Mumsar du choklad med alger, får du ditt behov av mineraler och spårämnen utan att du behöver tänka på några tillskott. Man kan säga att du får ett starkt tillskott av de nyttiga ämnen du behöver, samtidigt som du får ett skydd mot onyttiga ämnen.

Seaweed tea an energy boost.

Seaweed tea give every cell in your body an energy boost.

Seaweed is a natural nutrients essential to the life and health of every living cell. Without it, our bodies are unable to fight back against infections and disease. Unfortunatly, many of us, especially as we age, lack sufficient vitamins and trace-elements that we have in Seaweed, putting us at risk of serious illness. Seaweed have this life-preserving nutrients that help the immune system. By supplementing your body´s natural ability to supply these nutrients you may dramatically reverse the effects of aging, poor diet and decreasing health to:

Revitalize the immune system and aid in its defense against cancer infections.

Reverse the effects of aging naturally.

Protect and strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system.

Normalize high blood pressure without side effects.

Control or even reverse peridontal (gum) disease.

Energize your body and increase your tolerance for exertion.



The majority of food consumed today is over-processed with little or no nutritional value. Therefore, it is rare to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires from diet alone. With supplements that the body can absorb, there is an increased energy level, a boosted immune system and an optimal healing ability. Although supplementation should not be considered a substitute for good nutrition, research has shown that natural supplements can also play a major role in helping to protect the body against debilitating illness and disease.

Supplementation is helpful in fulfilling the deficiencies that exist in men´s bodies today. All natural herbal supplement like the Seaweedblend product help the body receive essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be achieved through diet alone.

Unfortunately, the natural supply of enzymes eventually runs out because many foods today have little or no enzyme content since they have been cooked, processed or sprayed with preservatives and pesticides. As a result, bodies are prematurely running out of enzymes. Enzyme deficiencies can lead to premature aging and disease. That is why it is important to use Seaweedblend.

Food enzymes are chains of amino acids, which help break down food in a manner so that the body can effectively use it. When foods deficient in enzymes are eaten, the body uses a considerable amount of energy for digestion. This explain why it is common to often feel tired after eating a big meal. The more enzymes the body has, the easier it is to digest and absorb food properly.

Enzyme shortage are commonly seen in patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as certain types of cancer, allergies, premature aging, skin disorders, and heart disease. An enzyme-deficient diet takes a tremendous tribut of the body.

As many people and cultures have realised over the centuries, vegetable products from the sea can combat stress and help you live both better and longer.

The influence of mankind on the family of plants known as seaweeds has been limited so that they have not changed substantially over the last ten thousand years.

For centuries seaweed has also been used as a herb and to treat a number of ailments including constipation, arthritis and colds. It improves the digestion and allows a better assimilation of sugars and fats.

The sea is rich in minerals and so are the seaweed. Land, on the other hand, degenerates in time and minerals get washed out and flow towards the sea. The more the air becomes polluted then the higher the content of acid rainfall becomes, and the faster the process will happen. Most of the soil has deteriorated to the extent that without fertilizer nothing will grow properly. The plants are sick and, as a result, attacked by insects and disease.

The seaweeds are a much older group of plants than many of those we grow today. They are a very rich source of trace minerals and fibres and their ability to prolong life, prevent disease, and improve health has been known for thousands of years – a truly universal type of food. Universal, because nearly every living thing on earth can benefit from; humans and larger animals, also the smaller ones such as birds, fish and insects as well as plants.

Seaweed is natural.

The ground for your health is that you can receive what you need from what you eat. But, food today has a lot of deficits and the companies try to compensate that with artificial ingredients. But seaweedblend can satisfy much of the deficits that are in foods today.

Original source.

Seaweedblend is from the nature without artificial supplements.

If you go to a shop how much do you know your body need of vitamins, minerals or trace minerals? Furthermore the added minerals are syntheticallly……… If you instead use seaweedblend you do recieve original source that your body easily absorb. As the seaweed has the same compound as the blood in your body.

Seaweedblend; food additive; high blood pressure; heavy metals.

Seaweedblend is a food addivtive based on various kinds of kelp, designed to be a complement to our normal diet adding such components as are often below our daily request.

It is an experience, often met, that consumers of Seaweedblend feel better, strongly better, almost immediately. Reasonably the closest explanation is that these people have been suffering from a deficieny, which has been neutralized. It is not necessary to know in each particular case if this component is iodine, selenium or any other mineral or trace element. What we know is that during the last decades our staple food has become more and more poor in various elements. This is blamed among others to the acid rain which dissolves from the soils elements which were earlier available in sufficient amonts in cereals and vegetables. The harvests of the sea on the other hand grow in a medium where all elements ar abundantly available.

Another practical experience from the marketing of Seaweedblend is that a big group of devoted and constant buyers are athletics and body-builders with a hard and sweat-causing training program. They explan that they feel less faint after hard training. Again it is evident that Seaweedblend restores salt balance of the body after the small losses which are inevitable in cases of strong perspiration.

Two other reasons for Seaweedblend consumption are founded on much more specialized actions, and in these cases on long-time effect.

It has been shown that kelp and kelp products has a capacity to lower high blood pressure. The presssure-lowering effect as about as strong as that of beta-blockers and is attained without any side effect as beta-blockers have. This effect appears in patients with salt-sensitive kinds of high blood pressure, which is  the common type. For very severe cases there is also an effect, but not so strong. Doctors, who are aware of these recent findings, often administer a combinations of a seaweed product and a beta-blocker at least during a  transition period. Any use as a remedy for high blood pressure should be made under medical control.

The most unique effect of kelp products like Seaweedblend, or of alginates which are the main components, is its capacity to bind heavy metals. The difference between cellulose in land plants and alginic acid as corresponding cell wall material of the biggast sea plants is that an acid group is added to the sugar-like units which form the giant molecules. This gives them a capacity to bind certain ions in their surrounding. In other words they serve as an ion exchanger. Ions would be caught in the order of the ionotropic  series: Lead > copper > cadmium > barium > strontium > calcium > cobalt > nickel > zinc > manganese. Most research has been made on strontium, as its radioactive isotope makes it easy to quantify how much is deposited in the sceleton and how much is released. At the time this was found out it was still considered more important to find a remedy for cancerogene atomic decay products than for pollution poisoning of lead from traffic and food, mercury from amalgam and of cadmium and arsenic from industrial pollution.

The cemistry of alginates contains much information which explains their capacity to bind heavy metals and the functioning of this binding under different conditions.

”Alginic acid is a polymer in the brown seaweeds, which consists of two acid carbohydrate monomers, i.e. D-mannuronic and L-guluronic acid, stereo-chemical isomers differing only in the configuration of the carboxyl group. These two sugars (uronic acids) are bound chemically to form a long chain. The proportions of these uronic acids differs widely ………. In general, guluronic acid-rich alginates were found to be more effective (metal-binders) than mannuronic acid-rich alginates.” (Tanaka 1970) The guluronic acid content and thus the biological potency can be increased  by partiel hydrolysis.

How much can be bound? The affinity for heavy metals of sodium alginate was investigated by Takahashi and Isuji 1981. They found a maxium value of metal/uronic acid residue about 2. On the other hand, the ratio for single ion by precipitation experiments was about 0,5.

Fucoidan is another brown alga polymer which could be considered for its high capacity to bind lead. As a result of in vitro studies of divalent cation binding Paskins-Hulburt et al. (1978) found the following series of fucoidan affinity to metal ions:

Pb > Ba > Cd > Sr > Cu > Fe > Co > Zn > Mg > Mn > Cr > Ni > Hg  > Ca

The biological function of alginate is based in this context on the fact that it cannot be digested in the human intestines. Starch and in part cellulose are decomposed into sugar which passes into the blood. Alginate is not. By definition, therefore, it is dietary fibre.

Thus, if alginate is administered – or, in plain language – if seaweed in one form or another is eaten – with contaminated food, we can preview that the main part of the heavy metals will be cought by the alginate molecules and will never pass through the gut walls into our body.

It  would be a false conclusions to think that as alginates cannot enter into the body, it cannot influence metal ions which have already been deposited in the body tissues . It can.

We know this from research on animals which have been given radioactive strontium. This is absorbed by the blood and deposited into the skeleton, where it normally remains and bombards surrounding cells with cancerogen radiations. Each day, however som per cent or a fraction of a per cent will leave its place, enter into the blood and finally settle again at some other place in the skeleton.

Here we must not forget an important circumstance: all the fluid or salive, gastric juice, bile, pancreatic juice and intestinal juice is delivered by the blood. Together they form big quantities: each day an average of 8,2 liters is delivered to the intestinte tract carrying its normal load of salt and trace elements but also its burden of undesirable heavy metals. From the guts 8 litres are reabsorbed. This means that all our blood fluid passes our intestine tract at least three times a day. As the reabsorption mechanism works, the returning fluid will carry chooped nutrient molecules and a lot of desirable ions, but also most of the heavy metals present in the gut content – unless during the meantime we have eaten a seaweed product. If we have, the heavy metals are cleared away.

Animal experiments confirm what could be expected, that the effect is stronges when the alginate is given at the same time as the strontium.

In man an important problem is to save foetus and newborn from poisoning by lead. It is interesting therefore to read about experiments with cats and strontium. When the mother was fed with a constant dose of radiostrontium the foetus received a chronic label of the nucleide which increased about ten times during the nursing period.

”A cat was given 85Sr for 1100 days and then was placed on a diet containing 10% sodium alginate while the daily oral isotope administration was continued ……….. Her body burden was reduced by almost 60% as a result of the alginate supplement during the course of 110 days before and during the gestation period. The placental uptake of the radioisotope was 85% less in the controls …..” (Stara and Waldron-Edward 1967)

”Sodium alginate give to to six-month-old-cats for three days did not change the stable strontium to calcium ratio. Weaning kittens fed 70 days showed a reduction of 25% in the long bones and 10% in the teeth; kittens fed alginate continously for 3000 days showed the greatest effect. Stable strontium to calcium values in both femurs and teeth of the latter group were lower by almost 50%.


Blåstång från Rörö

The Algae Blåstång is used to lower chronic high blood pressure, and to prevent blood clots from forming and to treat obesity, conditions that are often implicated in heart disease. Blåstång can be made into a tea.

Blåstång a preventative tea.

One teaspoon powered blåstång från Rörö

One cup of hot water

Add the blåstång to the hot water, cover, and steep for 5 minutes before straining. Drink daily.

Havsbröd, algmjöl å lite språkövning

”Från havets djup”

Hemligheten ligger i Seaweedblend mjölet som innehåller bland annat algmjöl rikare på fibrer (alginater), spårelement och vitaminer än mjöl från landväxter.

Havsbröd – Roll

”From the depths of the ocean”

The secret lies in the use of Seaweedblend meal containing algae flour – which makes it richer in fibres (alginates), trace elements and vitamins than rolls made from landplant flour.

Havsbröd – Brötchen

”Auf der Teife des Meeres”

Das Geheimnis liegt in Seaweedblend meal das u.a. Algenmehl (Alginate), enhält, und dadurch reicher ist an Fasern, Spurenelementen und Vitaminen als Mehl aus Getreide.

El bollo – Havsbröd

”Desde las mares profundas”

El secreto es la utilizacio´n del Seaweedblend meal que contine harina de algas, haciendolo más fibroso, más rico en oligoelementos y vitaminas que los bollos hechos de harinas vegetales.

Panino – Havsbröd

”Dal profondo del mare”

Il segreto si trova nel Seaweedblend meal che contiene, tra l´altro, farina di alghe piú ricca di fibre (alghenati), elementi di tracce e vitamine, che nella farina di cereali.

Iodine from Laminaria Digitata helps fight free radicals

When human cells are attacked by free radicals, the antioxidant vitamins and minerals in the food we have eaten come to our defense.

When Laminaria Digitata is stressed the plant flushes large quantities of iodide as a powerful antioxidant out of it cells, which combines with highly reactive oxygen in the water and air to produce molecular iodine, which commonly is used in hospital surgeries as an antiseptic.

The findings, made by an international team of scientists, reveal iodine´s biological role as an inorganic antioxidant – the first to be described in a living system – and also point to the intriguing effects of iodine in scavenging free radicals in human blood cells.

Laminaria Digitata contains algin, a common emulsifying agent used in products ranging from pudding to paint, beer to make-up.

Algae in food, medicine and cosmetic

Algae, in all its applications – food, medicine, cosmetic and spa therapy – has so much to offer. It can balance your metabolism, fight disease, and revitalize your body and soul. It holds nature´s secret, and possesses the ”secret to life”. Its unique nutritional elements are unlike land-based vegetation and provide the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, trace materials and other beneficial components that research now confirms to be health promoting and disease preventing. All algaes from the iodine-rich brown algaes to the powerful antiviral red algaes and the nutritious and abundant green algaes, provide the most powerful remedies on earth. They cleanse your body of harmful toxins while beautifying your complexion and slowing the aging process. Algaes boost your immune system and prevent various infections, and have been used for centuries with great success. Access algaes to your life for ultimate health and wellness.