Seaweed High Power Chocolate.

Kan du äta något nyttigare? Reglerar blodsockernivån. Sänker kolesterolhalten i blodet. Motverkar blodtryckshöjning. Är fiberrikt och förbättrat tarmfunktionen. Innehåller de essentiella EPA och DHA. Har naturlig skyddsfaktor med antibakteriell verkan. Choklad innehåller antioxidanter som skyddar hjärnan från åldrande och sjukdom. Choklad skyddar mot oxidation i cellerna som förstör fett-membran och gör blodfetterna giftiga. Test visar […]


The majority of food consumed today is over-processed with little or no nutritional value. Therefore, it is rare to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires from diet alone. With supplements that the body can absorb, there is an increased energy level, a boosted immune system and an optimal healing ability. Although supplementation […]

Seaweedblend; food additive; high blood pressure; heavy metals.

Seaweedblend is a food addivtive based on various kinds of kelp, designed to be a complement to our normal diet adding such components as are often below our daily request. It is an experience, often met, that consumers of Seaweedblend feel better, strongly better, almost immediately. Reasonably the closest explanation is that these people have […]

Havsbröd, algmjöl å lite språkövning

”Från havets djup” Hemligheten ligger i Seaweedblend mjölet som innehåller bland annat algmjöl rikare på fibrer (alginater), spårelement och vitaminer än mjöl från landväxter. Havsbröd – Roll ”From the depths of the ocean” The secret lies in the use of Seaweedblend meal containing algae flour – which makes it richer in fibres (alginates), trace elements […]

Iodine from Laminaria Digitata helps fight free radicals

When human cells are attacked by free radicals, the antioxidant vitamins and minerals in the food we have eaten come to our defense. When Laminaria Digitata is stressed the plant flushes large quantities of iodide as a powerful antioxidant out of it cells, which combines with highly reactive oxygen in the water and air to […]

Algae in food, medicine and cosmetic

Algae, in all its applications – food, medicine, cosmetic and spa therapy – has so much to offer. It can balance your metabolism, fight disease, and revitalize your body and soul. It holds nature´s secret, and possesses the ”secret to life”. Its unique nutritional elements are unlike land-based vegetation and provide the perfect balance of […]