Reversing the effects of gravity have many benefits: relieving back and neck pain by stretching a compressed spine: rebalancing the musculoskeletal system; Improving posture; easing gastrointestinal disorders by unkinking colons and other prolapsed organs; draining sinuses; enhancing lower lung capacity; and stimulating the thyroid and pituitary gland. Increasing blood flower to the head is natural […]

Edible marine algae. Conclusion.

Recent research has confirmed that marine algae (seaweed) can be a valuable supplement to the human diet. In the unpolluted sea environment algae are able to absorb trace elements, minerals, salts and other nutrients. Many of the same nutrients are often lacking in people´s daily diet  because of insufficient variation in our choice of food. […]

Edible marine algae. Use of algae in medicine and pharmacology.

Recent research has shown that there are many other biochemically active substances in algae which have a great pharmacological interest. Several species are used traditionally against intestinal worm infestations in humans and antibiotic effects have been shown in many common green, brown and red algae. Extracts from certain algae been shown to inhibit viral infections […]

Edible marine algae. Nutritive value.

The nutritive value of algae has some interesting aspects. Generally, the protein content is high and the uptake by humans can be enhanced by boiling, frying, roasting or deep-freezing. There are opinions that the carbohydrates can be made more readily available after consumed algae for some time and there has developed an intestinal bacterial flora […]

Edible marine algae. Commercial use.

Algae and algal products, such as agar, carragenin furcellaran and algins, have been used by humans for various purposes from time immemorial. For instance, during the fifteenth and sixtennth centuries soda was extracted from algae for use in glass manufacture and a century ago algae were the predominant source of raw material for iodine production. […]


Ett gammalt naturmedel upplever nu sin renässans på olika håll i Europa. Bland annat i England har man börjat använda tång vid behandling av sår på skenbenet. Det är tångväxternas innehåll av något som heter alginsyra som används. Syran har en rad egenskaper som får de annars oerhört långsamt läkande skenbenssåren att snabbt förbättras.   […]