Kelp and fucoidan

Fucoidan is a nutrient found only in Brown seaweed as kelp. Fucoidan may very well be one of the most important molecules being researched today for therapeutic applications. It is the subject of more than nine hundred scientific studies worldwide, as cited in the National Library of Medicine (USA).

Kelp and Iodine (3)

Most of the inland states as well as parts of Asia and Europe, are far removed from the positive effects of iodinerich sea spray. As a result, there is little iodine in their sole. These large areas are known goiter belts, because of their high rates of iodine deficiency.

Kelp Andes Minerals

Native dwellers of the high  Andes obtained kelp from Coastal Indians and wore the dried sea plants in a Little sack around their necks . They considered it a necessity and ate  small amounts of it Daily to maintain their extraordinary Health.

Rörö algsalt

The salty taste of seaweeds actually comes from potassium salts, rather than sodium. Seaweed that is sun-dried and boasts a superior concentrated flavor that satisfies. It is delicious enough to eat as it is, straight from the package.