Some scientists theorize that the factor in RMA that prevents viral infection may be carrageenan in kelp. It could be acting as a specific receptor molecule, binding to a cell and triggering a positive cellular response, as well as entering the infected cell itself or hindering the union between infected cells and testing about this and […]

Kelp and spa

Fucus kelp has a long history of relieving pain associated with rheumatism through its external application and its use in brine baths. Bladderwrack kelp (fucus vesiculosis) was used traditionally by the Native Americans and Europeans especially in Spa (Belgiums) as a popular ingredient in steam baths for painful joints, arthritis, gout, and chronic illness.


In Japan, the kelp derivative laminarin is being used as a whole-blood and plasma substitute in emergency transfusion situations. The substance consists of protein, which does not break down in the bloodstream and is excreted by the kidneys after several hours. Yes, we really  have algaes in our blood!