Rörö Algmuffins – visst kan man äta det

Grunden för ditt välbefinnande är att du ska kunna tillgodose dina behov av näringsämnen genom din kost. Men eftersom dagens föda ofta inte på naturlig väg innehåller alla de beståndsdelar vi behöver, har många företag berikat sina produkter med artificiella preparat. Men alger kan tillgodose många av de brister som finns i dagens livsmedel.

Naturliga alger är en ren näring utan tillsatser.

Då algerna, som är mycket lättsmälta, kommer in i ämnesomsättningen och via blodet passerar sköldkörteln (hela blodkomplexet passerar denna cirka var 17:e minut) så får sköldkörteln den stimulans (genom mineral- och vitaminrikedom) som behövs för att det endokrina körtelsystemet skall hållas i balans. Genom kemisk och spektrografisk analys av vävnader och kroppsvätskor kan man i kroppen påvisa mycket små kvantiter av ett stort antal mineralämnen som visat sig vara absolut nödvändiga. Dessa kallas för spårämnen. På konstgjord väg, i ett laboratorium eller i en fabrik, kan en sådan produkt inte framställas, men naturen kan.

I havsalger finns till exempel det livsviktiga tillväxthormonet B12, som bevisligen inte finns i landväxter.

På grund av intensivt och effektivt jordbruk lakas marken ut och de naturliga mineralierna och spårämnena förbrukas utan att ersättas.  Maten, som sedan äts, har ofta genomgått en lång process genom industrin tills den har blivit något färdiglagat fryst, som stoppas in i mikrovågsugnen.

En marknad har uppstått för olika hälsotillskott på grund av att folk har fått olika bristsjukdomar, allergier och problem med sockerhalter och fetter. Om man går in i en butik och skall köpa vitaminer och mineraler, hur vet man då hur mycket kroppen behöver av varje vitamin, mineral eller spårämne? Dessutom är ju detta tillskott syntetiskt. Om du istället tar  naturliga alger med urnäring får du något naturligt som kroppen lätt kan absorbera. Då algerna har samma sammansättning som människans blod,  har algerna lätt för att hitta där det fattas vitaminer, mineraler och spårämnen, och fyller på där. Blir det överskott går det ut den normala vägen.

Algmuffins reglerar blodsockernivån och sänker kolesterolhalten i blodet. De motverkar blodtryckshöjning och binder tungmetaller. Dessutom är de fiberrika och förbättrar tarmfunktionen och de innehåller de nödvändiga fleromättade fettsyrorna EPA och DHA, samt inte minst, de har en naturlig skyddsfaktor med en antibakteriell verkan. Äter du bröd, pasta eller algmuffins som är bakat av algberikat mjöl får du ditt behov av mineraler och spårämnen utan att du behöver tänka på några tillskott. Man kan säga att du får ett starkt tillskott av de nyttiga ämnen du behöver, samtidigt som du får ett skydd mot onyttiga ämnen. Bon appétit!

The double action of Rörö Seaweed

There is no contradiction in this double action. Marine algae do have a high capability to concentrate elements from their environment. Most of these are found in the seaweed plant tissues and fluids in such a way that they are easily available for human metabolism and will be easily absorbed by our blood. There is one great exception, however: a third of the seaweed dry weight is made up by alginates which attach to themselves the heavy metals in very strong bindings. These alginates of brown algae correspond to starch and cellulose of land plants, but they cannot be broken down to sugar or sugarlike components and consequently cannot pass the gut walls and enter into our blood. Nor can the heavy metals they carry.

Now , if you start your meal with a seaweed dish or a Rörö Seaweed algae, the heavy metals will be taken care of by the alginates and brought out of your body. The whole action will be performed in your gut content, none of the poisonous molecules will ever reach your blood.

This is good enough. Reasonably you cannot expect from a compound,  which cannot be digested and cannot enter into body fluids and tissues that it should have any capacity to cleanse the body from heavy metals which have already entered the fluids and deposited in the tissues. Increadibly enough this is what alginates do. It is demonstrated in a number of scientific investigations that quantitites of strontium-90 which have been deposited in the bones of investigation animals are essentially diminished if alginates are added to their food during a few months. Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope of  the heavy metal strontium which is released in alarming quantities from atomic explosions. If accumulated in feed and food it will be absorbed and deposited in the sceletons of animals and man and send out to surrounding cells radiation which will in due time most likely cause a cancer. Actually this strontium danger was a main reason for the ban on atomic bomb blast trials in the atmosphere and on earth´s surface. But how can a compound enclosed in the digestive tract remove radionucleids deposited in the sceleton? The answer if found in the behavior of such radionucleids. Every day a small fraction will leave its place and take a trip around with the blood. But blood is not strictly enclosed in arteries and veins. It will leave lots of fluid – with dissolved elements. – to salive, gastric juice, gall, pancreatic juice and intestinal juice. All this liquid will be reabsorbed – with all it contains of nutrients, necessary elements – and undesirable elements including heavy metals and their radionucleids. The strontium-90 will return through blood and find itself a new place to settle in the sceleton. Unless you have taken your Rörö Seaweed algae or a seaweed dish. If you have, this daily portion will be removed. The amendment will proceed very slowly, but in the long run it works in the same way as our body can deliberate itself from poisons which the  kidneys can excrete at the rate they leak into the blood.

As a biochemical marvel this is the real hit, but normally we should not have  any alarming quantities of strontium. For everyday use under what we call ”normal” conditions it is much more important to protect ourselves against those mini-doses of lead, mercury, cadmium or whatever else of the kind that may have sneaked into our foodstuff.

It was mentioned that a basic  factor is that alginates are not broken down chemically be the intestine fluids. This means that following the definition they are food fibres. And food fibres is what most people get too little from, even those who believe they take nutritionally complete meals. Food fibres help us to keep the stomach in good order and to avoid stomach diseases. To us who are happy enough to get sufficiently of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, what we still need is found in Rörö Seaweed algae.

Rörö Seaweed remove heavy metals and radioisotops

It is well known that alginates from kelp and rockweed can bind heavy metals. It is also a scientific fact that some seaweed in your food protects your body against absorbing such heavy metals as we are increasingly taking in with our food. You can see if your vegetables are fresh, but you cannot see if they have grown so close to a road with heavy traffic, that they are contaminated with lead from car exhausts. You cannot see if they have been fertilized with sludge and contaminated with cadmium or mercury.

What we know is that today everybody gets quite small amounts of heavy metals. Hopefully the quantities are below toxic levels. Certainly all healthy, strong and thriving people do not take in more than their kidneys can excrete. When you feel out of form, limp, powerless, ask your doctor, you might be ill. If you are not, try Rörö Seaweed cure! You might have too little of som trace elements or too much of heavy metals.

How seaweed provide what land plants are missing.

Seaweed are rich in protein, very rich in vitamins and excessively rich i trace elements. For people in the well nourished part of the world the last point is the most interesting.

All chemical elements are present in sea water and algae are famous for a unic capability to absorb and concentrate those we call trace elements. Land plants are not bad either, but the soil in which they are rooted does not contain more trace elements than the rock minerals from which it has been formed. And they have an enemy, which seaweed have not: man, who is the great threat to trace elements in our foodstuffs. For the first man impoverishes the cultivated areas by removing with his harvests nitrogen, phosphorus, and host of different trace elements, then, with fertilizers, he adds nitrogen and phosphorus, possibly lime and potassium but no trace elements. For the second we impoverish cultivated and virgin land wherever industries and motorism cause the acid rain that dissolves from the soil and removes all those elements which increase in solubility in acid environment.

Only the sea is unaffected. It is too huge and sea water is buffered, balanced, it will not be altered in its pH by mixing with acid rain. The simplest and most natural way for us to compensate the constantly decreasing level of trace elements in our land based foodstuffs is to eat regularily a suitable amount of food from the sea.