Seaweed and the Sea

The sea is rich in minerals and so are the seaweed. Land, on the other hand, degenerates in time and minerals get washed out and flow towards the sea. The more the air becomes polluted then the higher the content of acid rainfall becomes, and the faster the process will happen. Most of the soil has deteriorated to the extent that without fertilizer nothing will grow properly. The plants are sick and, as a result, attacked by insects and disease.

Seaweed and Food Enzymes

Food enzymes are chains of amino acids, which help break down food in a manner so that the body can effectively use it. When foods deficient in enzymes are eaten, the body uses a considerable amount of energy for digestion. This explain why it is common to often feel tired after eating a big meal. The more enzymes the body has, the easier it is to digest and absorb food properly. Enzymes shortage are commonly seen in patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as certain types of cancer, allergies, premature aging, skin disorders and heart diseases. An enzyme-deficient diet takes a tremendous tribute of the body.

Seaweed and Enzymes

Unfortunately, the natural supply of enzymes eventually runs out because many food todays have little or no enzyme content since they have been cooked, processed or sprayed with preservatives and pesticides. As a result, bodies are prematurely running out of enzymes. Enzyme deficiencies can lead to premature aging och disease. That is why it is important to use Seaweedmix.

Seaweed and Food

The majority of food consumed today is over-processed with little or no nutritional value. Therefore, it is rare to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires from diet alone. With supplements that the body can absorb, there is an increased energy level, a boosted immune system and an optimal healing ability. Although supplementation should not be considered a substitute for good nutrition, research has shown that natural supplements can also play a major role in helping to  protect the body against debilitating illness and disease. Seaweed is the answer.


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