Looks Savers

New facelift exercises. We pump iron for our pecs and climb stairs for our glutes. But push-ups for the face? Sit-ups for the skin? Once dismissed as rejuvenating rip-offs, exercises that challange fine lines and furrows are now gaining acceptance by some of the original nay-sayers in fact, even some cosmetic surgeons are prescribing this […]


The most unique chararacteristic of ”algmix” is the ability not only to protect the organism from entering of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, strontium, cobalt, quicksilver), but also to take out the ones assimilated before, this wonderful quality was brilliantly proved by the ion experiments with radioactive strontium hold on dogs.  The effecyt of vediciness is […]

Algserum. Seaweed against wrinkels. Simply natural.

Algserum effectively counteracts the wrinkels you have. Algserum protects you from wrinkels in the future. Algserum counteracts wrinkels by reconstruction of skin connective tissue, both collagen och elastin. Algserum removes old skin cells and replaces them with new, making your skin younger, smooth and soft. Algserum protects the skin from pigment changes. It can be […]

Tångchoklad. Rent naturligt från naturen.

Grunden för ditt välbefinnande är att du ska kunna tillgodose dina behov av  näringsämnen genom din kost. Men eftersom dagens föda ofta inte på en naturlig väg innehåller alla de beståndsdelar vi behöver, har många företag berikat sina produkter med artificiella preparat. I tångchoklad finns bara naturliga råvaror som choklad och tång. Här finns viktiga […]

Algserum – seaweed beauty

Algserum. Seaweed beauty. Unlike ordinary skin care products the algserum is formulated with fresh, live seaweed. Seaweed acting as a catalyst allows maximum skin penetration of natural nutrients for improved rehydration, nourishment, and rebalancing of the skin to its proper proportion regardless of skin type. Seaweed contains every element essential for cellular life.