Dry skin

If you have got dry skin…. and by dry I mean severe… cracking….so dry it hurts skin – patches, scales and flakes …. and you have tried everything your pharmacy has to offer with not results. Finally, you are about to discover how you can easily transform your hard, leathery shell into soft, hydrated skin […]

The main benefits of algae

Reduces excessive blood cholesterol. Improves action of the vascular system, including the heart. Stabilises the balance of salts and micro-elements. Prevents uptake of heavy metals and radioisotopes (e.g. cadmium, cobalt, lead, mercury, strontium) and also reduces the body´s levels of such substances, if already accumulated. Increases endurance and overall physical performance. Increases the shelf-life of […]

Algae Seaweed

Recent research has confirmed that marine algae (seaweed) ca be a valuable supplement to the human diet. In the unpolluted sea environment algae are able to absorb trace elements, minerals and other nutrients. Many of the same nutritents are often lacking in people´s daily diet because variation in our choice of food. In modern commerce, […]

Use of algae in medicine and pharmacology

Recent research has shown that there are many biochemically active substances in algae which have a great pharmacological interest. Several species are used traditionally against intestinal worm infestations in humans and antibiotic effects have been shown in many common green, brown and red algae. Extracts from certain algae have been shown to inhibit viral infections […]