Swedish tång is the original source

Swedish tång is from the nature without artificial supplements. If you go to a shop how much do know your body need of vitamins, minerals or trace minerals? Furthermore the added minerals are synthetically…………..If you instead use swedish tång you do recieve original source that your body easily absorb. As the seaweed or swedish tång […]

Swedish Tång (2)

Unfortunately, the natural supply of enzymes eventually runs out because many foods today have little or no enzyme content since they have been cooked, processed or sprayed with preservatives and pesticides. As a result, bodies are prematurely running out of enzymes. Enzyme deficiencies can lead to premature aging and disease. That is why it is […]

Swedish Tång

The majority of food consumed today is over-processed with little or no nutritional value. Therefore, it is rare to obain the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires from diet alone. With supplements that the body can absorb, there is an increased energy level, a boosted immune system and an optimal healing ability . Although […]