Create the sea of life in your soup

You carry the sea in your blood. You are never far away from that sea. This is what you must nourish. The sea plants are the most ancient plants on the earth. Their essences include tenacity, flexibility, endurance, cyclical balance. Primary safe and oneness with all energy pulses touching the sea. Ask the sea plants to restore your memory of balance and unity. Create the sea of life in your soup. Do not try and make that sea overly sweet… will only turn to sour and chaos will result. You can discover the benefit of seaweed be eating it and by soaking in it, wrapping yourself in it, and mixing it into your body-care products  Seaweed contain more vitamins, minerals and trace elements than any other food on the planet and are an excellent mineral supplement.

Publicerat av Clas

Hej jag kallas för Clas, Classe, ClasGöran eller CG och har forskat på havsalger sedan 1974. Jag har dykt i havet och plockat upp havsalger för att kunna använda dem som functional food, kostillskott och fodertillskott. Havsalger eller seaweed eller kelp som de också kallas ger dig ett starkt tillskott av de nyttiga ämnen du behöver, samtidigt som du får ett skydd mot onyttiga ämnen.

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