Seaweed Skin Winner

Human skin is a body´s very particular tissue that requires both everyday cleansing, care and nutrition

Its external appearance reveals the condition of all the organs and tissues. Skin condition, on the other hand, has its impact on the whole body.

As skin is directly exposed to environment, the latter has every unpleasant effect on it.

No other texture of the body ages as fast as skin, and skin ages doubble so fast if not cared for or if cared for poorly.

As we grow older and as a result of ilnesses, insufficient nutrition and stress, the skin cells experience high deficit of energy and ”building material” neccessary to keep them active and reproductive.

Consequently, a lot of skin cells die, the result of which is dull comlexion as well as poor elasticity and firmness.

Excessive use of ”cheap” cosmetics (skin-care products) that includes both synthetic and mineral oil of petrochemical industry, has a particularly damaging effect on skin.

Seaweed Skin Winner is a unique selection of seaweed plants.

Our creams have no analogue throughout the world and meet the demands of the most sophisticated experianced fans of ”high & non-ordinary cosmetics”.

It is only seaweed in this cream.

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