Algae Seaweed

Recent research has confirmed that marine algae (seaweed) ca be a valuable supplement to the human diet. In the unpolluted sea environment algae are able to absorb trace elements, minerals and other nutrients. Many of the same nutritents are often lacking in people´s daily diet because variation in our choice of food. In modern commerce, vegetables, fruit and meat products may have these nutrients depleted by inappropriate cultivation or handling practises. Marine algae, in addition to providing important natural fibres, can supplement deficiencies in our diet, e.g. of calcium, potassium, selenium, silicon, vitamins, (anti-oxidants), (omega-3). However, these are not the only benefits. Recent health and environmental reports have raised new concern about metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and even radioactive strontium, and their effects on the body. Scientists have known for a long time that alginates, which are the main component of seaweed blend, have an amazing ability to assist the elimination of harmful heavy metals from the body. Swedish clinical research has shown that the sugars contained in the algae have a beneficial effect on the diurnal glucose index curve, and also that algal extracts lower the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Publicerat av Clas

Hej jag kallas för Clas, Classe, ClasGöran eller CG och har forskat på havsalger sedan 1974. Jag har dykt i havet och plockat upp havsalger för att kunna använda dem som functional food, kostillskott och fodertillskott. Havsalger eller seaweed eller kelp som de också kallas ger dig ett starkt tillskott av de nyttiga ämnen du behöver, samtidigt som du får ett skydd mot onyttiga ämnen.

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