Algae in food, medicine and cosmetic

Algae, in all its applications – food, medicine, cosmetic and spa therapy – has so much to offer. It can balance your metabolism, fight disease, and revitalize your body and soul. It holds nature´s secret, and possesses the ”secret to life”. Its unique nutritional elements are unlike land-based vegetation and provide the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, trace materials and other beneficial components that research now confirms to be health promoting and disease preventing. All algaes from the iodine-rich brown algaes to the powerful antiviral red algaes and the nutritious and abundant green algaes, provide the most powerful remedies on earth. They cleanse your body of harmful toxins while beautifying your complexion and slowing the aging process. Algaes boost your immune system and prevent various infections, and have been used for centuries with great success. Access algaes to your life for ultimate health and wellness.

Publicerat av Clas

Hej jag kallas för Clas, Classe, ClasGöran eller CG och har forskat på havsalger sedan 1974. Jag har dykt i havet och plockat upp havsalger för att kunna använda dem som functional food, kostillskott och fodertillskott. Havsalger eller seaweed eller kelp som de också kallas ger dig ett starkt tillskott av de nyttiga ämnen du behöver, samtidigt som du får ett skydd mot onyttiga ämnen.

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