Too good to be true?

If you hear that there is a natural product which can on one hand supply us with some substances that we are deficit of and on the other hand can help your body to excrete some of the poisons it has absorbed from external sources – Would you belive this is true? This natural product exists! Röröalger. Plants of the oceans give you a rich contribution of inorganic and organic elements, which are more or less in demand in land plants. These elements are available in Röröalger. Röröalger contains alginate known as an absorber of heavy metals. Factories vomit mercury and arsenic; vegetables near roads contain lead; fertilizers contain cadmium. Alginate absorb these heavy metals and excrete them via faeces. In fact, all human beings ought to eat Röröalger. Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Contains essential amino acids. Amends the salt balance of your body. Amends gut function. Decreases the body´s uptake of heavy metals. Contains life essential compounds EPA and DHA.

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